Monsanto’s White Forest
Lisbon, Portugal

Monsanto Forest Park represents the largest green area in Lisbon, being considered the lung of the city.
In order to develop a contemporary and minimalist architecture project, harmoniously framed in the Monsanto landscape, the Bruno Câmara Arquitectos Office created the concept of “white forest”, around which it based its entire proposal. Globally marked by the color white, the project started with the creation of footpaths limited by 3,411 white-painted wooden trunks that, by their curved and organic shapes, form exterior areas with different functions and perceptual framing, from small auditoriums to various spaces. playful. It is at the heart of this “white forest” that the main restaurant / bar space emerges, with indoor and outdoor areas, valuing the spatiality and connection with the surrounding nature. Defined by a structure of wood, iron and glass, the building has been designed with sustainable and self-supporting materials. Standing out for its minimalist white lines, the new building has brought a touch of innovation, practicality and elegance to the green of Monsanto. , achieving, simultaneously, the desired landscape framing. The impact was mitigated by the surrounding white trunks, the harmony of their curved lines in tune with the surrounding spaces and the materials used.